“Let every dawn be to you as the beginning of life, and every setting sun be to you as its close.”

―        John Ruskin

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Endorsement: Towards an Independent Socialist Electoral Strategy for DSA

Well-thought document, despite my own disagreements.


Strategy Doc Title Page 2Acknowledgements

This document is a collective project of the DSA Refoundation Caucus, spearheaded by DSA NPC member Delé Balogun and the Refoundation Electoral Strategy Committee. The strategy will be submitted to the NPC for debate and adoption at the January 26 – 28 quarterly meeting in Dallas, Texas.

We would like to acknowledge the following individuals in particular for their contributions to this piece: John Aspray, Patrick Gibson, Edward Golden, and Brad Lathem. Additionally, we want to thank the Refoundation Editorial Committee for assisting in the editing of this document.

Lastly, we want to thank the numerous socialist organizers and writers inside and outside of the DSA, whose ideas helped shape this document. As we fight for socialism in 2018 and beyond, we would be nothing without our comrades, past and present.

Contents of Strategy:

  • Summary of Recommendations
  • Introduction
  • Historical Lessons
  • Strategy for Building a Mass Socialist Party
  • Structural Recommendations…

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The obscene case of Karen Fletcher

A libertarian take on the curious case of Karen Fletcher; obscenity charges closely resembling civil rights violation.

Muse Free

A hundred years ago, you could be arrested if your drawing, writing or other form of creative expression was considered obscene by the authorities. Artistic freedom was not as important as preserving public morality. And the idea that a century on, pornography could be displayed and sold in perfectly legal shops was unthinkable.

For good or bad, those times are far behind us. One of the greatest jewels of the United States is her First Amendment, a piece of law enshrined in her constitution and systematically strengthened by the courts through the last century – that guarantees the freedom of expression for all. In modern day USA you can depict anything and not worry about the moral police coming after you. Of course you can still be charged if your work is libelous or directly incites violence or violates someone else’s rights. But other than that, the idea that someone…

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The reasons this article hasn’t received more traction are all the failure of our modern civilization.

The Empty Page

Nintendo have declared 2013 to be the year of Luigi – “Super” Mario’s taller, greener brother. What better time then to take a critical gaze at this most ignored of computer game characters. Often second best to his more heroic brother and hounded by rumours about his sexuality, it would appear there is plenty of material for The Empty Page radical publishers to get their academic incisors into. Yet, that would be an easy option, of far more interest to us is Luigi’s supposedly evil doppelgänger Waluigi. Whilst beloved of weird Twitter gag makers Waluigi has remained in the shadows for too long, now some of our top theorists are devoting their minds to the study of this under-appreciated anti-hero.

I, We, Waluigi: a Post-Modern analysis of Waluigi by Franck Ribery

Waluigi is the ultimate example of the individual shaped by the signifier. Waluigi is a man seen only in mirror images; lost…

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